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Meliora lives on the Earth-like planet of Ima where days are idyllic and worries never last. Tension enters the north continent as her father, the King of a prominent sovereignty passes away. Her mother is left with the crown, but shows no interest in ruling. In desperation to find a cure for the hereditary disease that took her husband, Queen Vesper travels off-planet to study sorcery. Magic had long been banned on Ima, leaving frantic questions in her wake.

Vesper’s Curse on Amazon.
Vesper’s Curse also available in large print edition.
A novella following the events of Fall of Ima. Ivan meets a young victim of human trafficking. Through a heroic act he saves her and many others. Afraid those he crossed might be after him, Ivan moves out of state and establishes a new life. Years wear on and Ivan’s shadowed past eventually catches up. With his wife and daughter abducted, he turns to Agatha as a friend. Can they solve the case before it’s too late?

Space Tigers on Amazon. Also available in Spanish, Tigres Espaciales.
Space Tigers Mantou and Mochi are being picked on by their kind. They decide to leave Catopia in search of new friends. They find themselves on Earth and unable to return home. The story teaches one not to judge a person (or a Space Tiger) by their appearance.

Three Rays of Heaven’s Light on Amazon.
A young fairy who loves humans is concerned with their fate. Through a conversation with her sister, she learns there’s hope.

Jedrek and Meliora learn the lessons of lying the hard way. They sneak away to play deep in the forest of Carpecillero. Night falls and they discover they can’t find their way home. To make matters worse, a legendary ghost is pursing them. With Jedrek’s horse run away, the two fear they’re doomed to spend the rest of their lives lost in the forest.
The Chiller is only available seasonally. Please check back around Halloween.

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