Ava Reiss bio

At an early age, Ava’s parents read her fables and myths from different cultures. Her imagination filled with the fantastical. The love of a good narrative rooted in deeper mysteries carried into her writings. Ava writes fantasy and science fiction, often with an existential twist. Through her stories, she’s constantly searching for something that lies beyond our earthly realm.

Ava is an illustrator too. During her grade school years, she recalls constantly bugging her artist uncle. She whined and begged him to illustrate for her little homemade books. Graciously, he conceded a few times- to which she was grateful. Eventually, Ava picked up a pencil and learned to draw herself.

“Only I truly  know how my characters should look. If I can’t draw them to look as they should, I’ve got no one to blame but myself,” says Ava. Some of her novels will include her illustrations.

Ava is also a “chibi enthusiast,” dabbling in its style, whether it be art or doll making.

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Ava Reiss’ Books:

Space Tigers is available on Amazon.com. (click on title to visit it on Amazon.com) This title is also offered in Spanish. Check out Tigres Espaciales on Amazon.com.
Space Tigers Mantou and Mochi are being picked on by their kind. They decide to leave Catopia in search of new friends. They find themselves on Earth and unable to return home. The story teaches one not to judge a person (or a Space Tiger) by their appearance.


Fall of Ima is a fantasy/sci-fi YA book. (click on title to view on Amazon.com)
Meliora lives on the Earth-like planet of Ima where days are idyllic and worries never last. Tension enters the north continent as her father, the King of a prominent sovereignty passes away. Her mother is left with the crown, but shows no interest in ruling. In desperation to find a cure for the hereditary disease that took her husband, Queen Vesper travels off-planet to study sorcery. Magic had long been banned on Ima, leaving desperate questions in her wake. To make matters worse, soon after her departure, Queen Vesper ceases communication. The lone successor to the throne is teenage Meliora, who feels shy of the task. With her best friend, Jedrek by her side, she musters the strength to lead. Meliora’s reign is short lived as the previous Queen returns after years of silence. Though once close, the woman now wielding magic isn’t the mother she remembers. Includes ten pen and ink illustrations of scenes by Ava Reiss.


Buy The Seed of Life on Amazon

At age 23, Kameclara achieved her childhood dream: becoming an operative of the Intergalactic Military. They’re deadly effective and highly revered; protecting their home planet, Teroma, is their main task.

Yet, Kameclara always felt it was the stars that called to her, not a sense of duty. Their frozen planet circles the edge of the Ia system, barely hospitable. She’d always felt there must be another place more like home. She longed to find it, and the Intergalactic Military afforded the chance.

Within the first week of becoming green-lit, Kameclara and her team are taken into the fold of the planet’s deepest secrets. They learn their system contains nine planets, not the seven they were taught in school. Hidden deep in their sun’s expansive corona are the planets, Jema, and Ima. As if the news didn’t astound enough, Kameclara is handed her first mission. Instead of traveling outward into the stars, the operatives are headed to Jema, where they have a base.

Along the journey, Kameclara discovers there’s no end to the Intergalactic Military’s secrets. At first they’re told they’re to secure the Jeman base. Then, Kameclara learns of the Seed of Life, an item said to hold the fate of all her people… and the true purpose of their mission.


As Kameclara and her friends face off enemies on the planet Jema, they learn about the ancient history of their people. The fate of them all hinges on whether a girl, Isa, can awaken to her past-life memories. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, another more dangerous enemy is traversing the stars on their way to steal Isa’s power.

With growing feelings for Stanten, Kameclara struggles to keep focused on their mission: protect Seu and Isa at all costs. Navigating the unfamiliar terrain of planet Jema with magical interference leads to costly mistakes.

In this action-orientated conclusion to Kameclara and Stanten’s incarnations, the Teromans skirt disaster around every corner. When news reaches them of Teroma at an inconvenient time, the operatives struggle to pull together with a battle on the way—one that’ll decide the fate of all those tied to them genetically.

Releasing in February 2023


Vesper’s Curse follows the events of the the novel, Fall of Ima. (click on title to view on Amazon.com)
Ivan meets a young victim of human trafficking. Through a heroic act, he saves her and many others. Afraid those he crossed might be after him, Ivan moves out of state and establishes a new life. Years pass and Ivan’s shadowed past eventually catches up. With his wife and daughter abducted, he turns to Agatha as a friend. Can they solve the case before it’s too late?


The Chiller is only available seasonally. Please check back around Halloween!
Jedrek and Meliora learn the lessons of lying the hard way. They sneak away to play deep in the forest of Carpecillero. Night falls and they discover they can’t find their way home. To make matters worse, a legendary ghost is pursing them. With Jedrek’s horse run away, the two fear they’re doomed to spend the rest of their lives lost in the forest.