Space Tigers Publishing is a small, indie publisher. We put out books for Children, Young Adults, and New Adults. Our focus is fantasy and science fiction with quirky, or heart-felt twists.

Founded in 2018, we only carry titles from two authors at this time. Ava Reiss writes with a straight-forward voice, developing characters around plot. Ticana Zhu writes to the Asian-American, and is heavily character driven.

Ava Reiss has released Fall of Ima (YA genre), and Space Tigers (Children’s genre). Fall of Ima is a fantasy/sci-fi novel about sorcery and conquest. A lost Queen returns, waging war. Space Tigers teaches one not to judge a person, nor a Space Tiger by their appearance. Both available on Amazon.com (click on title for its link)

Ticana Zhu‘s children’s book, Three Ray’s of Heaven’s Light tells a tale of a Chinese fairy who loves humanity. She’s concerned about their fate, until her elder sister explains the gifts they’ve been granted. (Available on Amazon) Ticana also has a YA novel expected to release in  2021.

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At Space Tigers Publishing, we believe reading should be an escape, a sort of playtime for the brain. It’s why we derived our name from Ava Reiss’ children’s book of the same title. The Space Tigers live on Catopia and play all day. It’s our sincerest hope each book you hold takes you on an escapade.

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space tigers sq cover only
Space Tigers, Mantou and Mochi are being picked on by their kind. They decide to leave Catopia in search of new friends. They find themselves on Earth and unable to return home. The story teaches one not to judge a person (or a Space Tiger) by their appearance.

 “Out by a far, far sun, there is a place where Space Tigers play…” from Space Tigers – the children’s book by Ava Reiss.

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