Time as the 4th Dimension

post by Ticana Zhu

My husband and I argue on the existence of the fourth dimension. He believes it is time. I don’t believe time is a dimension. I believe time is a quality that can exist across multiple dimensions and its nature subject to change in each.

My husband believes that since time is relative, it affects the third dimension by its passage. Time is a construct existing to prevent all things from happening simultaneously. It is this very belief which makes me not belief time is a dimension. I believe dimensions are separated by fundamental, exponential properties. Perhaps it’s a level of vibrational frequencies. If that is the example, then I believe time is merely a different timbre for each note.

In other words, I believe dimensions are separated “worlds” of existence, that can be layered upon on another, but not interact. ie, Our eyes can only see a certain spectrum. Other animals can see beyond our visible spectrum. Fourth dimension and those beyond, are merely dimensions we’re not capable of existing in.

This is an ongoing debate in our family. What are your thoughts?

Thank you for reading. We’ll be skipping posts for January 2020. Please tune back in for February. Thank you!

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