post by: Ava Reiss

Hello friends! Ticana and I decided not to adhere to a schedule anymore when it comes blogging. Whenever we feel there’s something worth saying, or updating about our work, we’ll post. That being said…

In being an indie author, one of the most important aspects is choosing where to dedicate my time. I’ve got lots of stories churning in my mind. Placing the ideas onto paper (or word processor) is easy. The hard part is rewriting, and editing to ensure everything is as cohesive as one person can manage it to be. It takes a tremendous amount of time. And I still have responsibilities in my usual life.

In prioritizing my time on writing, it doesn’t leave a lot for promotion. I’m asking that you kindly spread my existence to your fellow readers through word of mouth. Or hitting that share button!
As a gift for the holidays, I will be posting five of my short stories starting on Thanksgiving. I will post one story each Thursday from November 26th, until Christmas Eve (December 24th).
If you could please share these stories (and this post), I will be exceedingly grateful.
If you don’t want to wait to read these stories, you can find them on Amazon right now: click here

The short story anthology Ava’s Short Shorts should be $0.99 through kindle, or free through kindleunlimited. The paperback version is also available for $8.95.
It’s got little doodle illustrations of mine in there as well. I’ll be posting those as well with the short stories starting November 26th.
Thank you!

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