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Space Tigers on Amazon. Also available in Spanish, Tigres Espaciales.
Space Tigers Mantou and Mochi are being picked on by their kind. They decide to leave Catopia in search of new friends. They find themselves on Earth and unable to return home. The story teaches one not to judge a person (or a Space Tiger) by their appearance.
Recommended for grades K through 3rd

Three Rays of Heaven’s Light on Amazon.
A young fairy who loves humans is concerned with their fate. Through a conversation with her sister, she learns there’s hope.
Recommended for grades K through 3rd

Jedrek and Meliora learn the lessons of lying the hard way. They sneak away to play deep in the forest of Carpecillero. Night falls and they discover they can’t find their way home. To make matters worse, a legendary ghost is pursing them. With Jedrek’s horse run away, the two fear they’re doomed to spend the rest of their lives lost in the forest.
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-Set in the Cycles of the Lights universe
-In graphic novel format
-Recommended from grades 1st through 4th

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