Inevitable Creativity Block

post by Ticana Zhu

These past few weeks have been rough. I’ve hit creativity block pretty badly. It shouldn’t be that surprising, because I have a bad habit of taking on too much. Yet, I’m the type of person who loves to live inside her head—a place where the stories never die. I thought the inspiration would keep going. I had hit a sweet drift in “the zone.”

However, tedious day-to-day things have carved away my time. It’s forced me to use my left brain. Things to deal with changes in insurance. Decisions around the house, and getting finances in order. Things that are far from creative. Little by little, I thought less and less about my stories. I simply didn’t have the bandwidth to coast in “the zone” of effortless imagination.

Lo and behold. My manuscript—about 80% done in its final edit—has just been sitting open on my computer.

Dynasty of Summer has by far the most positive feedback from beta readers. It’s about a princess who has accepted the role given to women in her society. She’s obedient, prepared to marry for a treaty between empires. Yet the turmoil surrounding her empire has her attacked on her journey to her betrothed. She finds herself amongst bandits, and presumed deceased by her father, the Emperor.

The princess (Summer) ends up finding power in her own right. I won’t say more for fear of spoilers.

I started this novel in 2012. It kept getting interrupted by life… Getting married… buying a house… switching jobs… At one point, when I picked it back up, I had forgotten that I’d actually finished the first draft!

I keep telling myself I’ll push through. That this story will be done this year. I even set a June deadline and a September release date. I’m hoping things work out. The story hasn’t had the best track record.

I will say this. Unlike other stories I’ve written that evolves over time, forcing me to go back and make structural changes, this one has remained true to its core.

Now… if I can only get past this creativity block…

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