Prophetic Dreams

post by: Ticana Zhu

Last month I posted about prophetic dreams. I thought I’d clarify. I don’t know if indeed I have prophetic dreams. Some friends seem to believe I do, and at times so do I. To be honest, I can only recall four things that I dreamt about which became reality. Most are insignificant to my daily life.

  1. I dreamt I had a blowout text argument with someone. Happened a few days later.
  2. I dreamt about the girl someone I knew was going to marry. The world thought he was single, though he was actually secretly seeing someone. My description matched. They did get married. Still are.
  3. Since I was little, I kept dreaming about my immediate family living in a hotel. We ran it and it was in a warm place. Found out recently, my mother’s aunt (whom I didn’t know existed until recently) owned and ran a hotel in Tsingtao. This one’s kind of a stretch, because my immediate family doesn’t run it.
  4. The raven dream before my car accident. (see Karma)

I’m certain there are more “prophetic” dreams, but most of them are for things that aren’t incredibly significant. Perhaps someone buying a certain type of shampoo and there was a certain type of weather outside. You see why I don’t commit them to memory. But they’re fun when they pop up. (The raven one was NOT fun.)

When I have dreams that are “prophetic,” they usually carry a certain kind of tone. My dreams fall loosely into three categories. 

  1. Lucid dreams. I would say just less than half of my dreams are these.
  2. Beautiful, nonsensical adventures
  3. Have a “serious” tone. These are generally the prophetic ones.

I don’t have nightmares often enough to create a category for them. However, I did have a frighteningly serious dream of someone I care about falling to his death. It’s instances like these where I pray that I’m not a prophetic dreamer, that everything is just gibberish. This qualifies as a nightmare.

There is another serious dream where a specific person got furious with me on facebook over a careless post. This has yet to happen, though its tone was similar to the text feud dream that came to fruition.

I suppose the point I’m trying to make is that it’s a double-edged sword. It’s all fun and games if you see things that can indicate the future. However, if that future is not a positive one, sometimes we wished we didn’t know, or that the ability isn’t really an ability. 

This is not a sponsored post. Tune in December 3rd, for our next post, by Ava Reiss.