Ticana Zhu bio

Ticana Zhu is a free spirit with a traditional heart. Her stories embody this essence, playing at the tension between what one wishes to do and what needs to be done. Her main characters are Asian; many channeling her experiences growing up on two sides of the world. She prefers to write memoir style, getting into the psyche of the protagonist. Ticana writes historical and science fiction, occasionally fantasy.

Her children’s book, Three Rays of Heaven’s Light is available on Amazon.com (scroll down, past photo to see more). Illustrated by Margaret Li.

Preferring to write in memoir style, her stories take time and gets to know the character. Her current novel-in-progress is Dynasty of Summer which follows a princess born to the fourth concubine of a Xia Dynasty emperor. Princess Summer faces hidden dangers and exile as she fights her way to restore her empire.

Ticana’s back burner project is a science-fiction novel centered on the mythical creatures: Phoenix, Dragon, and Kirin. The main character, Rosi finds herself a part of an elite soldier division on Mars. Struggling to keep up, Rosi discovers she’ll one day hold the power of Phoenix: to reshape the universe.

“I believe stories serve a purpose in society. If not to entertain, then to teach and help relate to one another. The art is powerful; one that’ll never fade. It can expand our minds, stimulate imagination and help push past boundaries.” -Ticana Zhu

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Ticana Zhu’s Book:

Check out Three Ray’s of Heaven’s Light on Amazon.com.

A young fairy who loves humans is concerned with their fate. Through a conversation with her sister, she learns there’s hope.