“Book Two- Cycles of the Lights”

post by: Ava Reiss

I’ve finally been able to continue editing book two of my Cycles of the Lights series, The Seed of Life. It takes places a couple of decades after the events of book one, Fall of ImaIf you’d read the prologue to book one, you’d know that En and Il are the primeval souls of the universe. They’d fallen in love and wished to unite. However, their non-existential forms prevented interaction. As a result, they balled up their sentience it the core of their essences, and entered the realm of mortals. 

In Fall of Ima we meet En and Il as Meliora and Jedrek. They were able to share many beautiful years together, satisfying their union as En and Il. Unfortunately, some difficulty presented at the end of their lives. (That’s all I’ll say, skirting spoilers!)

In book two, The Seed of Life we meet En and Il again. This time, the story takes on a more sci-fi vibe. We get to know Kameclara, an elite operative of the Intergalactic Military (shortened to IM) of Teroma. She departs on a mission where the operatives aren’t given the details. … But orders are orders!

Along the way, she meets a custodian, Stanten. Something inside the two stirs. They swear they’d never met before. Yet, something seems oddly familiar.

In The Seed of Life, Kameclara and her IM partners need to find an answer to an arcane situation on a far away planet. Meanwhile, the usually cool-headed protagonists contends with wild emotions she can’t control. They seem to kick up whenever Kameclara’s around her new associate, Stanten. Is he going to be a hindrance to her mission? She hopes not. IM operatives never fail their objective.

Yet, as the book continues, Kameclara discovers there’s lots about her world that had been kept hidden. Most notably, a myth every child knew appears to hold roots in fact. Before Kameclara can wrap her head the information, her situation changes expediently. She needs to dance around protecting newfound secrets, and keeping her eye on the mission’s target.

I wrote the first draft of The Seed of Life back in 2014. As a part of my creative process, I often sketch out my characters, or scenarios. Below are early drawings of Kameclara. (Please forgive their roughness. It had been a seven year gap since I’d last drawn ANYTHING.)

If you’d like to read Fall of Ima, it can be found on Amazon (click on Amazon).

This is not a sponsored post. New post on July 16th, where Ticana Zhu chats with her books’ characters.

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