Ava Steals Ticana’s Blog Idea

Post by: Ava Reiss

I confess. I stole this week’s blog post idea from Ticana Zhu. I, on the other hand, aren’t as bashful when it comes to sitting down with my characters for tea. I delight in the opportunity to indulge in make believe. My left brain has been overworked, and I’ve been feeling removed from that colored realm of creativity. Anything zany is welcomed graciously.

For those who missed Ticana Zhu’s post two weeks ago, she was struggling with writer’s block. In an attempt to assuage it, she “interviewed” her characters, to get into their heads. I too, have been feeling a bit distant from my fictitious realm. As any writer who works and writes on the side would know, it can be a struggle to get back into the zone. I’m sure Ticana’s not the first writer to interview her characters. In fact, I hope she’s not. I think it’s a brilliant method to re-engage. Hence, I’m utilizing the technique as well!

A= Ava Reiss
M= Meliora

A: G’mornin’ Meliora, how do you like Earth?

M: What’s Earth?

A: Oh, haha, it’s a planet kinda like yours.

M: You mean, we’re not on Ima right now?

A: No, I’m afraid not.

M: [frowns] Oh. I see. [wrings her hands] Could you please tell me how to return? I’m the sovereign of the kingdom Priletoria on Ima. We’re nearing important negotiations and I shouldn’t be absent.

A: I’d be glad to help, but first, could you answer a few questions for me.

M: [lets out small sigh, responds politely, smoothing her powdery blue gown] If I must be so obliged.

A: Great! You mentioned being the sovereign of a place called Priletoria. Does that mean you’re Queen?

M: [nodding softly] Yes, I am a Queen. [Eyes grow sad] But I didn’t wish to become one so soon. I’ve lost my father and… my mother… I think.

A: What do you mean “you think?”

M: [sucks in large breath] Well, I’m afraid she’s gone missing. I pray for her safe return, but there’s not knowing… Please could we change the subject?

A: Of course! What’s your favorite thing about Ima?

M: [beaming sweetly] Priletoria, of course. It’s got forests far in the north, and plains as far as the eyes can see. On the eastern border by the ocean, there’s tall mountains covered in the freshest snow. The best thing of all? My palace borders the kingdom Carpecillero, home to my dearest friend, Jedrek.

A: Oh? Is he a love interest?

M: [lowers her head with a large smile] He is my spouse and King.

A: I see! How long have you known him?
M: Since before we could walk. We share the same birthday. I born one year before.

A: Congratulations! Are most relationships like yours on Ima?

M: [shaking head slowly] I cannot say. I can, however, vouch that the people of my planet love peaceful, simple ways. I can’t say the same for Jema.

A: What’s a Jema?

M: Jema is a smaller planet in our solar system. It’s not far from Ima and we trade often.

A: What are the biggest differences between Ima and Jema?

M: Jema uses electric carriages, while we choose to use horses and carts. We value nature more. Jema also houses a school of sorcery. Magic has long been banned on Ima, due to a tattered past with it. Most of all, Jema has a kingdom called Seu. Not much is known of it, and it hides behind multiple walls. All nations on Ima are open and sharing. [looks around anxiously] Please, I truly must be returning home.

A: I see you take responsibility quite seriously.

M: [a hand to her chest] My duty to my kingdom is important to me.

A: More important than seeing your mother again?

M: [appearing distraught]

A: I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have said that.

M: [meekly] I’m not certain how to answer that question…

A: [feeling regretful] Thank you for your time. You may return now.

M: [appearing alarmed] How?

A: Close your eyes, and picture yourself home. [smiles]

M: [takes advice. Fades from view]

If you’ve enjoyed the interview with Meliora, make sure you check out her book, Fall of Ima. It’s available here on Amazon. Below is the synopsis:

Meliora lives on the Earth-like planet of Ima where days are idyllic and worries never last. Tension enters the north continent as her father, the King of a prominent sovereignty passes away. Her mother is left with the crown, but shows no interest in ruling. In desperation to find a cure for the hereditary disease that took her husband, Queen Vesper travels off-planet to study sorcery. Magic had long been banned on Ima, leaving desperate questions in her wake. To make matters worse, soon after her departure, Queen Vesper ceases communication. The lone successor to the throne is teenage Meliora, who feels shy of the task. With her best friend, Jedrek by her side, she musters the strength to lead. Meliora’s reign is short lived as the previous Queen returns after years of silence. Though once close, the woman now wielding magic isn’t the mother she remembers. Includes pen and ink illustrations of scenes by Ava Reiss.

This is not a sponsored post. Check out our next post on August 20th.

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