“Through the Rainbow”

short story by: Ava Reiss

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~*~ The End ~*~

Author’s Commentary: I’m often fascinated by stories of immortals, and realms outside our own. One of my favorite tropes is having deities come into our world. Iris is a goddess I’m particularly fascinated with. Mostly because she acts as an intermediary between our world and dimensions beyond. I’ve written stories about her before, being a conduit between humans and immortals. Yes… I might’ve even written a vampire story involving her once… but I was incredibly young and you’ll never read it! XD (or I’ll die of embarrassment!) For this tale, I wanted to focus on her “male” counterpart, Hermes. (In research, I found Hermes is generally referred to as male.) I also wanted to break out of writing cis(gender) female leads. 

I realize death and loss are returning themes in my works. I’ve had readers ask why I don’t compose lighter material. I kindly point out that love is another theme in my works. Often times, the loss is complementary to it. How do you know you love someone until you’re faced with never seeing them again? 

My penchant for themes of love and loss, and immortals becoming mortals grew deep in 2014. I started to compose my Cycles of the Lights series then. The protagonists, En and Il are the primordial, all encompassing “Yin” and “Yang” of the universe. They wish to love each other and intertwine, however they cannot. Thus, they bundle up their sentience and inject into the mortal world. They become souls, loving and losing through many lives as they figure out the puzzle of of their karma.

Cycles of the Lights starts off heavily in the corporeal realm. I explore alien worlds and societies in Fall of Ima. As the series moves on and the souls evolve to higher power, the plot shifts to the ethereal realm. Iris is not in Cycles of the Lights 🙂 but I feel her influence on my writing.
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This is not a sponsored post. Tune in October 15th for our next post, by Ticana Zhu.

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