post by Ticana Zhu

I was like a tumbleweed.
A Rose of Jericho, blowing in the wind.
I’d land for a bit. Spread my leaves and turn green.
Until the water fades.
Then I’d wrap up my little self
and tumble, tumble away.

I wonder, then, if I could choose the wind?
So meticulous I’d be, which way to drift.
Until I’d remember. The beauty of tumbling.
Is freedom from choosing.

Yet one day I know, my roots will grow deep.
I’ll become vulnerable as I first flower.
Then I’ll grow, and grow. And grow.

Goodbye little tumbleweed.

Hello, to “?”

This is not a sponsored post. Ava Reiss posts every first Tuesday of the month. Ticana Zhu posts every third Tuesday.

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