End-of-Winter Fatigue

post by: Ava Reiss

It’s that time of the year where it’s hard to find motivation, or to get out of bed. Call it Seasonal Affective Disorder, if you will, but giving it a name won’t lessen its impact. The real question, however, is how to get through it. How to keep writing.

The obvious solution is to perhaps write something post-apocalyptic. After all, I find myself in that mind frame around this time–more often than not.

There’s also a tanning bed. I gotta be honest, I’ve never visited one, but I’m told it works wonders for some people. I have a little “happy light” on my desk, and it works… a little bit. I have tried an infrared sauna at my local yoga studio. It works for about a day or two. But let me tell ya! I get so much done! However, the cost-benefit ratio doesn’t make it feasible to visit on a regular basis.

Allowing yourself a little procrastination doesn’t hurt either. Sometimes we crowd our minds with what we should be doing, that we don’t have time to relax, and let the creative juices flow.

I confess–I practice the procrastination thing a bit more than I should, lol!

But in the end, what it comes down to is discipline. It’s about firmly planting your buttocks in that chair and sitting at the keyboard. It’s about trying to approach your work from a different angle. It’s okay to pull your hair a little bit. But be gentle with yourself. If you run into a wall, step away. Do a chore, or go for a walk. But know that you owe it to yourself to return to that seat and see your work to finish.

After all–no one can tell your story but you.

Good luck and happy writing!

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