Ticana Zhu to attend Author Alley at Loganberry Books

post by: Ticana Zhu

Ticana Zhu will be selling her books at Loganberry Books on August 6th, 2022. The hours are 12PM-4PM.

Here are the Available titles:

Dynasty of Summer: Part One

Summer is a daughter to the Emperor’s fourth concubine during the Xia Dynasty. After stumbling upon her half-brother’s corpse, she finds herself faced with dangers she couldn’t begin to understand. As if those troubles weren’t enough, she’s ambushed while traveling to her betrothed’s kingdom. Summer was meant to live in luxury and safety with her new husband, but instead finds herself amongst bandits.

With the aid of her brother from a shared mother, Winter, and friend, Hanming, she navigates her way back home to Zhenxun. Yet once she returns, Summer discovers treachery had been living alongside her in the palace her entire life. It’s not long before she finds herself a target.

Dynasty of Summer: Part Two (releasing August 4th, 2022!)

In order to save Zhenxun, Princess Summer travels to enemy territory, beseeches her sisters for help, and faces foes. She skirts danger every step of the away. Meanwhile, a power vacuum in Zhenxun calls her back.

… But she can’t go back. Not until she unearths what the Empress has been secretly plotting.

As truths come to light, war is finding itself upon the front steps of Zhenxun. Princess Summer faces inner battles as she prepares for outer ones. Which should rule her decisions: her heart, or vengeance?

Three Rays of Heaven’s Light (Children’s Picture Book)

A young fairy who loves humans is concerned with their fate. Through a conversation with her sister, she learns there’s hope.

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