Things I think about late at night…

post by Ava Reiss

When insomnia strikes… my thoughts unfetter themselves.

  1. There is a theory that UFOs move at accelerated speeds due to warping space-time around them. What happens to the insects and/or small birds that might happen to be flying nearby as they initiate the warp? Do they get pulled along with the UFOs? Do they become mutate? Fried up?
    What if they become mutated? Is that how new diseases spawn?
  2. Nearly 85% of the universe is believed to be dark matter. What if a soul’s natural “habitat” is just floating free and unhindered on a different dimensional frequency in dark matter. That perhaps our Earth and solar system just so happens to exist in a small band of the 15% of “known matter” or “dense matter.” Perhaps that density pulls souls into it, and we suddenly find ourselves trapped in a uterus… waiting to enter a terrifying new form of existence, unnatural to us.
  3. Density and Destiny are anagrams.
  4. There are some Eastern beliefs that we choose our parents and our life paths before birth. That each form of suffering we choose is supposed to teach us something. It’s called a “birth contract” because receiving life is a gift.
    If death is the worst thing a person can experience, and some escape through suicide, then what kind of punishment could be waiting? It would inevitably be dealt by whatever forces that sets birth contracts.
    If death is not the worst thing we can experience, and in life we experience worse things, what do we need to learn them for? Is there a grand spiritual battlefield waiting on another plane, and our lives are just bootcamp?
  5. What if death is not the end? What if there are different planes of existence we can incarnate in? (Like the Buddhist beliefs of realms like the Devas, Asuras, Hungry Ghosts… etc). What should be our end goal? Or is the fact that we believe we should have an end goal a symptom of conditioning? What if life is merely meant to be enjoyed, to value the experience of our time here? What if we’re doing it all wrong?!

    Happy Holidays folks!
    I’ll be skipping January’s post to recover from the holidays. See you in February!

This is not a sponsored post. Tune in December 17th for our next post, by Ticana Zhu.

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