Junk Journaling

post by: Ava Reiss
Starting in June 2020, we will be posting once per month, alternating between Ava Reiss and Ticana Zhu. Blog posts will appear the first Tuesday of the month.

I recently discovered Junk Journaling. This is right up my alley, since I like to keep little pieces of things that inspire me. It might be the design of a buckle, or a piece of ribbon. Ever since I was little, I would take breaks from homework and look through some things I’ve collected. Most of it was indeed junk. It ultimately ended in the trash. However, I’d like to think that it found some appreciated with me before it parted ways.

Nowadays, it’s my concern for growing waste in the world. I try to hold onto things for a few days or weeks. There might be an instance where I could use it as a quick patch for something. I’ve got so many pasta and jam jars filled. The jars themselves I like to decorate in my free time. Most have been given away. I’ve been making them less and less since free time had been slim.

I had always appreciated the pieces and odds-and-ends as art, but it had never occurred to me to use them as art. Now with more free time, I’d like to see what exploring would bring! Stay tuned to see my progress! Don’t forget to check out my books on Amazon.com!

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