I’m Alive

Post by Ticana Zhu

My apologies for the late post. With so many things occurring on a global scale, I struggled to organize my thoughts. I’m doing well, however. No real complaints. My shelter is secure—for now. I have plenty to eat and new pets. ​(But not eat the new pets XD)

Writing is not progressing, but I have found respite in the quite moments of the day. My novels are nearly complete. I merely feel they lack a certain finesse. Once I feel better about them, they’ll roll into production. It’s the quite moments that allow me to reflect deeply and identify what’s missing.

There’s not much else of interest to report. I did have a thought the other day. That our lives here on Earth are as fleeting as a glimmer on the crest of a wave. That our existence runs so much deeper. As deep as the ocean. I fear death, yes I do. But I can’t help but wonder what lies on the other side. It could be nothing. Then what would I worry about? It could be nightmares. Or, it could be finite peace. As in, a peace that never ends. I’m sure the truth is someplace in between.

Take care, everyone.

This is not a sponsored post.

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